Graphic Designer and Artist | Ryuichi Yamashiro

Ryuichi Yamashiro was a multi award winning Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist. He created many incredible designs and art works before passing away in the mid 90s.

Here, I've shown one of his cat paintings alongside what is perhaps his best known work, "Forest".

Forest is a typographic design using the kanji alphabet - it promotes tree planting / condemns deforestation. As some of you know, Kanji characters are logograms of Chinese origin. The kanji for tree looks like a tree, a symbol with two tree drawings is "hayashi" meaning forest, and three trees is "mori" meaning woods. The two kanji combined forms a new word, "shinrin" which means woodlands.

As a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist, I often wonder if I'd find more success focusing on one over the other. I wouldn't know which to give up though, I enjoy it all. Creatives like Ryuichi Yamashiro are a reminder that you can be a multi-disciplinary creative. When I look at his work, whether it be his beautiful typographic art or his pantings with the compositional sensibilities of a poster designer, I see a creative who didn't see much of a difference between being a Graphic Designer and being a Painter. He created some really interesting work because he was both and that's truly inspiring!