Dick Bruna of Japan | Taku Tashiro

Taku Tashiro is a legend who’s works have influenced how Japanese illustration and design is perceived, yet he isn’t as well known as other creative heros. I guess sometimes the best artists are understated/ underrated!

He initially studied Interior Design in the 70s, then followed that up with a Graphic Design course and went on to establish himself as an Illustrator / Designer in the 80s.

The bold animal designs in particular, remind me of Dutch legend, Dick Bruna of Miffy fame. His bold and quirky works can be found in everything from children’s books to corporate branding. And it’s so perfect for both - his style is both fun and elegant - a combination I always aim to attain in my own work too.

I love this about Japanese design (and culture) in general, that manga influenced styles are for people of all ages and all social groups. It’s really nice to see Western design starting to adopt more of this style too! Fun is for all ages after all!

Mr Tashiro’s illustrations were on Mister Donut’s collectable merchandise - my nana and I ate heaps of donuts to get points to trade for plates and cups and such. We both loved the drawings❤️