The Pride of Osaka | Sun Tower by Taro Okamoto

I took this snap of the Tower of the Sun in Osaka last month. It's Japanese artist, Taro Okamoto's best known creation.

My Japanese family home used to be around the corner from it but I hadn't visited since we'd moved from Osaka to Kyoto 10 years ago. It was really special making a pilgrimage and exploring the area that I spent some of my childhood again. The other reason this tower is significant to me is because my Japanese mum and Kiwi dad met at Expo 1970 - Tower of the Sun is symbolic of that event. 🌝🌚

Many other locals feel a strong connection to the 70m tall Tower of the Sun. Apparently the Sun's top face represents the future, the one between the arms - the present and the face on the back, the past. I always assumed it was positive energy vs dark energy like yin and yang. There were so many people gathered around the tower when we visited. It's pretty cool that almost 50 years from it's creation, it continues to be a source of energy and pride for the people of Osaka.