Choose from Two Drawing Styles

Before you check out the price list below
, let me explain the two different portrait drawing styles with different prices. They are similar but there is a difference in how they are made and a difference in the amount of detail in the final art works.

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Icon Drawing Style is my signature drawing style, drawn by hand, using ink pens, then scanned and perfected digitally. Below is a video of me creating an Icon Drawing Style piece. The sped up footage might make it look easy but it takes a lot of care and concentration to be this precise when drawing by hand! The price of Icon Drawing Style portraits are higher because it does take time and there is more detail involved.


Quick Draw Style portraits are digitally drawn on an iPad with an apple pencil then refined digitally. This method is quicker, so I’m able to offer portraits in this drawing style at a lower price.


Icon Drawing Style is recommended for those who are happy to pay extra for the authentic hand-drawn method, and the extra time and care dedicated to their special pieces. There is also added detail in these elegant pieces so if that’s something you would like in your custom art work, please choose this style.

Quick Draw Style is recommended for those who are happy for me to create the work fully digitally in exchange for a lower price. If you enjoy a simple, bold and fun art style you are likely to prefer this lower cost version of my classic style!

Portrait Price List 2019

All orders come with:

☻ One complimentary round of reviews and edits

☻ A web friendly .jpg to use as a social media avatar

Extras available on request:

☻ A signed, high quality art print posted to you

☻ Framing in Ikea frames

All prices include tax. Please note that the following prices are for personal use and gifts only (hanging as wall art and using as social media avatars).
Please contact me for commercial and promotional use licensing.

Learn more about the two different drawing styles above.


Prints and Framing Service

If you would like a high quality signed art print or prints, and would like your art print or prints framed, please refer to this chart for prices. You can choose from black or white frames.