Choose from the Two Drawing Styles

There are two portrait drawing styles you can choose from, each with different prices (price list below). They are similar but there is a difference in how they are created and a slight difference in the amount of detail in the final art works.

View examples by drawing style


Icon Drawing Style is my signature drawing style, drawn by hand, using ink pens, then scanned and perfected digitally. Below is a video of me creating an Icon Drawing Style piece. The sped up footage might make it look easy but it takes a lot of care and concentration to be this precise when drawing by hand! The price of Icon Drawing Style portraits are higher because it does take time and there is more detail involved.


Quick Draw Style portraits are digitally drawn on an iPad with an apple pencil then refined digitally. This method is quicker, so I’m able to offer portraits in this drawing style at a lower price.


Icon Drawing Style is recommended for those who are happy to pay extra for the authentic hand-drawn method, and the extra time and care dedicated to their special pieces. There is also added detail in these elegant pieces so if that’s something you would like in your custom art work, please choose this style.

Quick Draw Style is recommended for those who are happy for me to create the work fully digitally in exchange for a lower price. If you enjoy a simple, bold and fun art style you are likely to prefer this lower cost version of my classic style!

Portrait Price List 2019


Extra Prints and Framing Service

If you would like a larger sized art print or extra prints, or would like your art print framed, please refer to this chart for prices. You can choose from black or white frames.


Prices include tax.
Please note that the above prices are for personal use only (hanging as wall art and using as social media avatars).
Please contact me for commercial and promotional use licensing. Prices are reviewed and increased every six months.



 Tips to Increase the Value of your Custom Portrait

Here are some clever ways my customers have got the most out of their custom portrait orders:

  • Commission a portrait of the family pet and gift prints to all family members
    This is a great idea for Christmas presents or making sure every family member gets to honour the memory of a lost pet. For example, one pet drawn in Quick Draw style with four extra A4 prints will cost $210AUD. If you gift this to four family members (and keep one for yourself of course!) each gift ends up costing $42AUD. That’s a pretty nice price for a one of a kind gift of art, that means a lot to the people you care about.

  • The perfect graphic for your wedding invites, signage and wedding website
    I’ve created cute couples portraits that have been used for weddings.

  • Make sure you use your social media avatar!
    Every order comes with a free web friendly .jpg which you are welcome to use as a social media avatar. Many of my customers do and I just love seeing them all over Instagram and Facebook!

  • T-shirt prints
    Some customers have printed custom portraits on t-shirts (just to wear themselves or gift) - this is such a fun idea for a thoughtful gift

Tip to Decrease the Cost of your Custom Portrait

  • Share the cost amongst a few people (joint gift)
    Why not go in with a friend(s), family member(s), workmates or classmates if you are gifting? For example, I’ve created a family portrait for a dad’s birthday which featured all his kids. Each adult sibling chipped in to pay for this special art piece. Another example is two friends joining forces to get their friend a custom portrait of her cat as a birthday gift.