Horror Manga Legend | Kazuo Umezu

#kazuoumezu is a Musician, Actor and absolute legend of the horror manga genre. He has been publishing comics since the 1960s.

What I especially love about his style is that the way he draws his characters isn’t the stereotypical grotesque style that you find with most horror comics. The huge eyes he uses are classic, retro #shoujomanga (manga made for girls). The juxtaposition of style and narrative makes his work subtly creepy.

I read one of his classics, a series called “Hebi Onna” (snake woman) in my early teens. I remember my mum being upset by the darkness, trying to encourage me to read “something nicer” 😂

Whilst looking for images to share with you, I realised he’d done a collab with the fashion label, #xgirl last year. I’m devastated I missed it and it’s entirely sold out 😭💔 Second pic is of him and a model in the threads - isn’t he just the coolest 80 something year old!